• Jørgensens Hotel

    Søndergade 17
    8700 Horsens

    Telefon: 3840 1744
    E-mail: info@jorgensens-hotel.dk


    Jørgensens Hotel has private parking spaces at Theatergården, which is less than 200 metres from the hotel's main entrance. The parking spaces are reserved for the hotel’s guests and are free of charge for overnight guests and conference guests.

    Parking spaces are offered on a first come, first served basis.


Jørgensens hotel

Director of the Hotel

Kari Brandgård

With more than 25 years of experience in the hotel business, Kari is the rock of the hotel. As a 16-year-old, she started as a cooking student in Oslo, since then she has studied at a hotel school in the Netherlands and worked in Switzerland and South Korea, before settling in Denmark 26 years ago, where she has worked at Falsled Kro and Sinatur Haraldskær. Hotel & Conference.

Contact: kb@byens-hotel.dk 

Reception and conference manager

Allan Naismith Hansen

The reception is Jørgensens Hotel's hub. Here, Allan manages the interplay between the house's activities and functions and ensures the guests' well-being during the stay. Allan has 15+ years of experience in the hotel industry and has over the past 10 years combined coordination and management experience at Trinity Hotel and Conference Center.

Contact: ah@byens-hotel.dk 

Jørgensens hotel
Jørgensens hotel

Chef de cuisine

Heidi Lorentz Jeppesen

n the kitchen, Heidi controls the course of the battle. Heidi has 10+ years of experience in the restaurant industry, both as a restaurant owner and head chef. In addition to being an eminent chef, Heidi also heads the kitchen team and has the main responsibility for restaurant Eyde's culinary course and training of skilled chefs.

Contact: hj@byens-hotel.dk 

PR & Marketing

All inquiries regarding marketing, PR, sponsorships, sponsorship gifts or the like. .

Contact: marketing@byens-hotel.dk 

Jørgensens hotel i Horsens
Overnatning Horsens

Finance department

All inquiries regarding. economic issues.

Contact: bogholderi@byens-hotel.dk