Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Danish Conference Centres' World Goal Index

Jørgensens Hotel is certified in the Danish Conference Centre's World Goal Index for sustainable development in the meeting and hotel industry. The certification means that we at the hotel have committed ourselves to working with the association's goals. At present, we have efforts within seven out of the 17 goals, including:

Health and well-being
We ensure proper conditions for our employees.

Clean water and sanitation
We minimize waste of water and use Swan-labelled cleaning articles and eco-certified bedding.

Sustainable energy
We have energy-saving light sources everywhere, buy green electricity and use district heating.

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Det økologiske spisemærke Jørgensens hotel

The Organic Eating Label in bronze

In recent years, the hotel has focused on making a healthy food culture a natural part of the hotel's restaurant, café and wine bar. Jørgensens Hotel's focus on ecology supports the hotel's work to create a green profile, where there is a special focus on sustainability, better animal welfare, space for nature, consideration for the environment and a holistic approach from farm to fork.

HORSENS ALLIANCEN's CSRpeople recognition

At Jørgensens Hotel- Byens Hotel, we are proud to have received HORSENS ALLIANCEN's CSRpeople brand. It is given to companies that make a special social effort to help vulnerable unemployed people to earn their own wages and to experience the joy of community and everyday life in a workplace. CSR is also about ensuring the general well-being at work.

This can be done, among other things, by offering small jobs and internships where you can develop or by being a mentor for vulnerable young people. Social responsibility is also about working with sick leave and ensuring that employees on sick leave remain in the labor market.

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